Boston RBS

Boston RBS – listen and download

Boston RBS


Composed by Amanda Maffei in celebration of the resilience of the Boston Marathon Community.

Run Boston Strong. We won’t be run asunder.
Hate won’t win out. Love wins the final turn.
No turning back. Take back our spirited thunder.
Spirit forge on as we forge Boston Strong.

Many forced to sacrifice their good health, life and ease;
Caught in a deathtrap set by two hearts in deep freeze.
Many states, towns, countries came to celrebrate the run;
Now gone back home to heal their devastation.


Some ran back towards the blast to help the common good.
Others ran extra miles to give blood ‘cause they could.
Still others crossed the finish line, souls fighting through the mess.
Some stood shell-shocked, some ran away, each one did their best.



Lead Vocal/Arranger: Renese King
Choir: Willard Cooper, Khandice Kenebrew, Edward Mallory, Karen Tobin, Heather Williams
Piano: Ester Na
Bass: Jesse Williams
Drums: Fabio Pirozzolo

Recorded and Mixed at Perfection Studio

Engineered by Eduardo Muniz/Assisted by Lucas Carbonneau
Special thanks to Ron Mahdi, Donny Nolan and my King’s Council.

Composed by Amanda Maffei © 2014