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Hopkinton RBS

RBS Mission Statement

RUN BOSTON STRONG is for giving back as forceful a sound for good and healing as two blasts were intended for harm.

Our deepest desire is that Boston RBS and Hopkinton RBS, together with video presentations, may help serve to counterbalance any anguish or fear left in the hearts and minds of those affected by the wreckage unleashed April 15, 2013 at the Boston Marathon.

From the heart of Hopkinton to the heart of Boston, we hope, in body and/or mind, you will Run Boston Strong!


Lead Vocal, Piano: Amanda Maffei
Choir: Carol Cheney, Amanda Dings, Bernadette Keane, Larry Luddecke, Cheryl Melody, Emma Nigrosh, Mary Scarlata-Rowe, Kate Schacterle, Emily Shea, Jere Shea
Hammond, Bass: John Cooke
Drums: Phil Antoniades

Recorded and Mixed at Barn #81

Engineered/Produced by Barbara Kessler
Special thanks to Larry Luddecke, Adam Maffei and Robert Falcione.
Composed by Amanda Maffei © 2014